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Emotions & Travel

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

What to look for as you travel?

In the past month, I’ve been traveling through the west and southwest. I’ve taken many pictures to use as topics for pieces to complete. The focus for this journey has been family and many of the pictures that I’ve taken do involve them. When you have journey’s that involve family, emotions come into play in a major way. From those emotions, art can be made.

When I do a piece, many times it is emotion, the fluidity of paint and the complexities of the paint and design makes itself known. I could say that it would be only for my abstracts, but I’ve often found that the landscapes, wildlife and flora applies to this idea. I’ve been playing and working on pieces that have a complexity of the actual application of the medium. Mixing mediums also come into play to accent a part of a piece.

There are a couple of avenues I’m starting to explore for the pieces to come in the next few days/weeks: 1. Is the landscapes of the deserts, high deserts, mountains, rocky mountains, rolling hills of the plains. 2. Emotions 3. Fauna & Flora.

As you travel, be it a day trip or longer, look around you. See the beauty in the places, people and objects around you. Think about the emotions that these images evoke. How can you use that to create?

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