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Protecting Art and One’s Integrity

Because art is personal, it reflects emotions, passions and aspects of me.

As an artist, I create works of art. Sometimes the work flows and it’s done quite quickly and other times the pieces take time, effort and rework. ALL of my pieces are personal, there’s a story and they reflect parts of me. It’s that visceral, deep down reflection of my own perceptions of what I’m trying to convey. My hope is that it will grab someone with the same type of reaction or perception of a piece and they will be conveyed to buy.

Because it’s of me, I’m looking to interest people in my ART.

As an artist, when I talk about my work on social media it’s specifically about that art or piece I’m working on that others are interested in or what I’m doing next to promote that art. The art is usually from my wanderings in the natural world, perceptions of that natural world, or who I’m with at that moment and their perceptions. I don’t put things out there because I’m trolling, I put things out there because of its importance to me. I’m relatively transparent on who I am, what I do, and the relationships I’m in. Again, it’s about art.

Artists are vulnerable to predators. Being an artist, creating art, protecting art, protecting the integrity of it all is hard work.

Because a piece of art is a visceral, personal part of that artist we are more than happy to share and hope that one wants it. Artists get excited and emotional when one wants to purchase a piece. The negotiations begin, we try to stay in the moment - think with our “business” head but so many times our hearts get in the way. We have to use our heads because for most of us, this is our livelihood. To sell a piece of art pays for the supplies and fees (of which there are many), memberships, room and board for us to survive to create more.

It’s hard work because again it’s personal. Our hearts are involved. We have a deep connection with that piece of art, the story we are telling, and our perceptions that we want to convey. It’s that squishy, soft, feeling of “AH!” It’s giving the benefit of the doubt of “Oh! They want to get something nice for their husband/wife/significant other” AND “They want to do that with a piece of my art!” Unfortunately, this is the scam that many/if not all artists fall under the most. We try to be a little jaded in protecting ourselves and “think like a business” - which it is, but it is still very hard in doing that business by getting sucked in, and the consequences of it all. Artists only hope that they can catch on to the scam before it gets too far and the monetary consequences are dire. For me, it’s a lesson learned - especially when I’ve caught it before it gets too far. At which point, I don’t want to be too smug because I’ve caught on, BUT to learn and remember the experience.

When the economy is tight, more of these types of experiences happen. That’s a sad commentary about human nature.

Protecting from the unsavory folk out there who are predators of artists and their art.

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