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Beginnings & Evolution

I write this in the midst of moving from one place to another. We’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. I’ve done some amazing things, had and raised children, entertained life’s complexities, had one career that I loved, retired and continue to have another - in art.

I’m still in the “west”, but in NoCo - Northern Colorado. In my short time that I’ve been here, I’m enjoying the differences between the PNW and NoCo. Such as, the green in PNW is everywhere, whereas in NoCo, you have to look for the dusty shades of green. OR when you step out your door you smell the Douglas Firs in PNW, but in NoCo you smell the sage and grasses. Originally, I was born in southern New Mexico, and in many ways this feels like coming home, geographically speaking. But, I know that there are things that have changed and many have remained the same.

By packing up everything, I’ve had to look at how my art has evolved. Pieces that I painted in high school, college, thirties, etc. they show my own natural evolution that continues to evolve. It’s energy and color and composition is vivid and alive through the evolution. I look at this interesting collection of work and feel that this collection can only get better.

Another thing that I’ve had to consider is the works of art themselves. I have this inventory that someone needs to buy… It is on the website for the most part. There are pieces there that suit most any mood or idea or concept. The pieces are varied as the weather and relationships that I have had along the way. I think that’s part of cycling through pieces that I’m connected with, some I don’t have a connection with anymore or pieces I didn’t originally have connection with, but just tossed them off.

How I’m evolving through art is interesting, frightening, satisfying and rewarding. I’m cycling through…Connections include emotions and feelings - emotions that spur me to paint. Emotions that resonate with me as I paint and those emotions / feelings that resonate when I look at the piece to try to decide - “Is it done?” Or “Is this what I wanted to do?” Or “Do I need to start again?” And yes, those connections are from folk who really like a piece or would like one similar or the theme is hitting them or yes, those who don’t like it. What is one person’s “like” is another’s “dislike”.

In thinking about all of this, I’ve made some realizations about me and what I’m doing. I’m also thinking about, “Where do I want to go with my art?” “How do I want to go about it?” “And in some ways, Do I really care?” Lastly, the thoughts that need to be front and center: “Enjoy!” “Explore!” “Evolve!”

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