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What do you see? What do you look for as you wander?

I look at the gradients of the levels when I look at mountains. The spires of the peaks that are striking. The contrasts of colors between the rocks and the sky. The crisp new growth on the plants with brilliant colors of flowers.

In looking, I look at the textures between them all. Darks, lights, rounded and sharp edges all play into how those textures play a factor in setting a mood.

All of this pushes me to use texture in my paintings. That texture is that visceral feeling when you look at that piece of art and say, “Oh, Wow”. To do texture I use knives, credit cards, rollers, wax paper and brushes. If I don’t like it, I can always paint over or scrape off. It’s using the tools you have to get the illusion or image you want.

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