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Material Experimentation

The hazy days of a hot summer…

When the sun is scorching and you just want to hibernate, that’s a perfect time to think about various things. I know as I sit in my studio, when it’s hot, have my fan on, meditating music, the shade is drawn partway, a fragrant candle is burning, and an iced coffee at my elbow. Perfect for thinking up how I want to do more to a piece I’m working on OR need to start that piece I have the background done for OR just go with the flow.

Going with the flow seems to lead the pack.

How can I show the same stuff I do on archival paper, to reflect on canvas. Experimenting with that and making sure I get the same effect that I want with the colors and texture is the challenge. It’s taking the time to do it and to know, if I don’t like it, paint over it.

Again, it’s that experimentation of materials, applications and mediums that will determine how a piece will turn out. For example: using acrylics and watercolor crayon OR brushes vs pallet knife/credit card or a combination of all. It’s okay to combine different application techniques. By doing that, a piece will turn out in ways not thought possible.

Go out and have fun!

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