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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

What we interpret from nature…

As an artist, I’m always looking at what I see when I’m in nature. I love to hike, walk in the woods, paddle on the river. By doing all of these things, I have a front row to the world around us. By listening to the wind through the trees, water gurgling by, birds calling and the twigs snapping, gives me ideas about what I want to put down with paint, crayon, chalk or graphite. All of these things help me with my interpretation of what I see. What one person sees is not necessarily what another person sees.

We all have our interpretations.

In an art class one time, the instructor said if you paint exactly what you see, you may as well take a photograph and not put paint to canvas. I was insulted by that statement. Because some of my paintings were what I saw and I thought that they were quite good. But, another artist and I were talking about this - she said, it was my interpretation of what I saw and that is perfectly okay and I shouldn’t worry about it.

In a simple statement, again “We all have our interpretations”.

Use them and create something.

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