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Go out and do something new or reacquaint yourself with an old friend…

In art, we are creating our own perceptions of something. Whether it’s paint, music, poetry, sculpture, whatever art form; we are putting our mark to that thing. It makes it personal and we are describing that moment in time.

I’m in a weekly class on oil painting, and this idea of how something should look or the stereotype of how something should look is interesting. It can influence a person in how they should do that thing. In this class, I’m reacquainting myself with the oil medium. It’s honestly been decades since I’ve used oils (way back when I was in college). It’s been interesting.

I started out painting with a brush in this class. The piece that I did was okay. By using a brush, I felt that that was what was expected. (I was influenced by the stereotype of oil paintings.) The piece looked like a typical oil painting to me and I was not happy with it. It didn’t have passion, movement and quite frankly, I thought it was flat looking. I let it mull over the week and dry - took it back to class and decided to give it that passion, movement, depth and intrigue. I also decided that, “Why not use the painting technique that I’ve been doing the past couple of years with oils?” So, I got my handy credit card (it’s a coffee card) and knives and put the passion, depth and emotion into the painting. Making a much better painting.

Go out, do something or reacquaint yourself, and don’t feel afraid to mix it up. Do something different that is uniquely you.

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