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From Adversity, Great Things can be Created

I’ve been ruminating on a series of abstract pieces that connect with my female side/ legacy. How can I show my ancestors, self and feminine heirs? They’ve been rolling around in my mind for some time now and I had some events happen to me that precipitated them in “getting out”. This is where the adversity comes…

I have a weekly class that I go to where I work on oil painting. It’s been decades since I’ve oil painted consistently, it’s been fun and enlightening for me to just play, create, explore this medium.

On my way to class, I was going down Burnside and all of the sudden, I get rear ended! I’m just a few blocks away from class and I’m pissed. I get out of my car and yell, “F&@k!” I walk back and fortunately, there was no damage to my car!?! But the young woman who hit me was so apologetic and her car took quite a beating. She kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was talking to my friend and…” I looked at her and said, “Oh! Your car looks bad” She replied, “It’s okay, my ex husband gave me this car and I’m driving it till it dies” Then she says, “I’m really sorry and hope this doesn’t ruin your day!”

I drive on to class and take a deep breath and realize, I’m okay, let’s go have some studio paint time. I had brought two canvases with me and I just needed to do something that will help get all the adrenaline out of me and settle me down. I began to paint. I wanted something that is sensuous, feminine, flowy and gives a sense of legacy. Or the impression of going on and on - legacy.

I love how the painting was coming together - the paint coming off the brush - the color - purple, my favorite, that has hints of blue purple and red purple. As I was painting, it gave me a sense of calmness and contentment. I also felt that I will be painting others like it with different colors, because we all represent different colors and that it could be a wonderful series of paintings.

I posted a quick shot of the painting on Instagram and Facebook and forgot about it.

That painting sold within a few hours and I could have sold it a couple more times.

I have started the series, it’s the same concept but in different colors… I’m so enjoying this.

So from adversity, cool things, beautiful things, can happen.

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