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Kathy Rush 

       I’ve been doing art all of my life, it is my passion. As a preschooler – crayons, finger paints and colored pencils were my speciality. Through my formative and teen years, my art was full of moodiness and angst. As I grew to an adult, my art reflected in what spoke to me. As a brain cancer survivor/patient, my art has taken a different direction, it is more fluid with the illusion, more than the specific details. I still love the details, but it is not the most important thing.


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Sanderosa Art Gallery

Sanderosa Art Gallery in Laporte, CO.

Check out their website:

Pieces in the Exhibit:

Fabulous Clouds

Dawn in Yellowstone

Lower Deschutes

Poudre River Tributary - Framed

Spring on the Thompson - Framed

*Along with a variety of cards.* 

Red Bluff Gallery - Virtual









“Fireflies” - room #3


Check it out:

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